ADDICTION: WARNING: this scent will keep you coming back for more.

Tame you cravings with notes of Italian bergamot, tonka bean, patchouli, amber and vanilla, plus we added some birch wood oud to make it even better.

 Blue Fire: a perfect blend of fresh blueberry's / Cuban cigar/ pipe tobacco/ along with splashes of oudwood and amber.

Paradise: is a unique blend of Tahitian vanilla/ leather/ and lily/ with a few more surprises. We wanted to bring a little piece of paradise to everyone! Grab yourself a bottle and let your senses take you away.

Smoki'n Apple: A mixture of green apple, amber, and spices; with a light musky base.

Pitch Black: A unique combination of suede, amber, red grapefruit, wood, and chilled sudachi.

Give your beard a jolt with a rich blend of freshly brewed coffee, leather. and tabac.
You can also catch undertones of bergamot, sandalwood,jasmine, and musk.

O'l Stogey is a classic cigar blend of amber, cherry, and clove; blended with a spicy mulled wine blend of apples and cinnamon. We have also added a secret blend of spices to bring everything together.

Lavender, sandalwood, bergamot, and jasmine, blended with notes of amber oud and lily of the valley to entice your senses.

Unscented oil is now available!

Coconut Citrus: note's of lemon, lime, coconut, and vanilla.

BLACK OUT: is a mixture of fresh blackberry's, leather, and fresh ripened raspberry's


STRAWBERRY BOURBON: is a blend of fresh strawberry's, and a smooth Kentucky bourbon and a splash of pipe tobacco.

SNOW CREAM: is a combination of a smooth sweet cream and two rich vanillas.

SUGAR RUM: A blend of sweet brown sugar, butter rum, and a splash of marshmallows.

RAZORS EDGE: It's a barber shop scent like you have never had before! With a combination of Barbershop, Teakwood, Cinnamon, and Various Spices; it will take you to another place and time.

   NEFERTUM: It's very unique blend of Absinthe, Egyptian Amber, Vanilla, and a few more hidden gems! This scent will keep you coming back many times over!