About Us At Crushers Creations LLC


We wanted to tell you a little bit about us as people and also about the people that help support our company everyday that we call family.

Lets start:

Brian Knisley (Owner)  

He was born in Ohio and moved to New Bern when he was a kid. He grew up and stayed in the area. He works full time at a factory. He started his bearding journey in 2018, but had to close shop for personal reasons. He reopened in 2019 and still works both of his jobs to support his family. He met and married his wife Crystal in 2001.

Crystal Knisley (Co-Owner)

She was born and raised in Vanceboro NC. She has lived there all her life. Brian and her are raising a teenage son who will be 16 in November.

We want to tell you a little bit about our ambassadors, or as we call them, our family!