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  • Jason Dunning wrote a review aboutJammin.

    My Dad

    I bought this for my dad and as soon as I gave it to him he went and tried it he's got a huge collection of beard products 100's of oils but he wore it for days and said it's a new favorite so you guys obviously did something good with this one.

  • Will Smith wrote areview aboutBeard ConditionerAwesome

    This hands down is one of the best conditioners I have ever tried. I've tried a lot and I absolutely love this, my beard feels great after using it. Comb through my beard easily no snags nothing just a awesome product from a awesome guy like Brian. Thanks so much for the awesome product. I will never run out of this. I highly highly suggest picking some up guys. You won't be disappointed.

    Beard Conditioner 
  • Danny Farmer wrote a review aboutyour shop


    I haven't left a review in awhile so here goes. Damn, crushers is on fire. I'm up to 10 oil and butter combos and all are killer. Absolutely no complaints here. Do yourself a favor and get ya some crushers. Side note, I hope Brian keeps smokin apple and adds it to the main lineup!!!!!

    Main Line 
  • Wayne wrote a review about

    Cherry Bomb

    Top Shelf

    As usual Brian has really went above and beyond. This by far is the best Cherry Tobacco I have ever put in my beard. I highly recommend you trying this one.

    Cherry Bomb 
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